The Cinematographer Project, World View: Sour (Barcelona)

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The Sour squad dug out their VX1000’s and hit the streets of Barcelona with no real plan besides cycling to IKEA every day, eating some meatballs, and hitting some spots from there. With a team as skilled and optimistic as theirs, it seemed like a fitting choice. Their edit is definitely one you’ll want to watch over and over again, so don’t hesitate to do just that. Check the edit here online for the first time ever and be sure to get the full-length on iTunes!

Excerpt taken from Sour’s interview in our Feb '17 issue:

How has it been filming this?
It's been great! The mission came out from the blue. Lomar decided he didn't want to film any more so we thought what the hell are we gonna do. Gustav and Simon just stepped up without hesitation and said we can do it. So they dug out the VX's and hit the spots.

What was your guys' plan going in?
There was no plan. We live in Barcelona. Some dudes flew in from the north. The Sour office was on fire for some weeks—as it always is—but this was hectic. On a daily basis, I guess the plan was to cycle to IKEA for cheap meatballs. They got plenty of spots around there, too.

*Full interview here

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