The Warriors


PlayStation 2/Xbox


Overview: Well, it’s the video-game version of the movie, and if you ain’t seen the movie, you’re slippin’.

Gameplay: Basically, you’re kicking the shit outta people all over New York City. Coney Island is home turf, but there’re dozens of gangs in the five boroughs to bop through. Don’t think it gets repetitive: You can also jack cars, smash up jewelry stores, mug pedestrians, and handcuff hookers. Just watch out for cops-actually, you can whoop them, too.

Graphics: Permanent midnight in the slums of Gotham is the perfect setting for this surreal gang warfare. Even with twenty or so brawlers going at it on-screen, the action never slows-it stays quick and responsive, which is key for the fast-paced hand-to-hand beatdowns. There’re nice little slo-mo close-ups, too, for those stylish brick-to-the-heads or straight-up curbings.

Sound: The same eerie soundtrack from the movie wafts through the air as the Wonder Wheel looms high above the carnival booths. And boy are those Warriors a bunch of potty-mouths!

Entertainment: One of those games where you wonder where your night went-and your social life.-Blair Alley