Having a bad day at work? Loose your job even? How about bills? Don’t get me started on bills… For all things stressful, take the old plank and four wheels for a spin, push down the street, do a kickflip or nollie flip if you got ’em, get your slappy on or better yet push that backside tail even farther, try it switch then eat sh-t real hard, get back up and try it again. It’s going to make your day better, I guarantee it.

Therapy – the definition itself explains it all. It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. A San Francisco scene
video featuring new talent from the around bay area, local legends and underground international rippers. Full features on locals Bryan Botelho, who rips by the way, Nicholas Silva skates through the city finding his own path, Jabari Pendleton is the true meaning of a beast, Flo Marfaing has all the reasons in the world, and Alex Carolino gives us a glimpse of what skateboarding has to look forward too. Sure we do this for fun, but that’s not the only reason…

Filmed and Produced by Mike Poore therapysf.blogspot.com