Tom Schaar and Sakura Yosozumi Winning Runs, Vans Park Series Brazil

Vans Park Series closed out the first 2018 Pro Tour event of the season with an unprecedented energy in the stadium. With well over 5,000 spectators in attendance, the Vans Park Series Brazil event yielded exceptional performances by winners Tom Schaar and Sakura Yosozumi. With tense score exchanges happening heat after heat in the final, VPS Select Pro and podium veteran Tom Schaar secured an early lead with the highest run score of the entire event, producing his signature colossal airs in clean fast-paced runs, while Brazilian icon Pedro Barros kept the crowd on edge, executing a powerful air-heavy run with only minutes left in the final to finish in second. Finally, Tristan Rennie celebrates his first VPS podium appearance ever, attacking every wall with ease for a third place finish. See more at Vans site.