Since its still the holidays, we know you've got time on your hands to browse the Web and relive all the great skate moments of 2012. Some seriously epic moments went down. Here are the top 20 stories from

Jon Holland’s Top 10 TWS Video Parts

Jon Holland has had a hand in every TWS video since the OG Cinematographer ('97). With a total of 27 Landmark videos released since Uno ('96), Jon undertakes the difficult task of picking his 10 favorite parts ever.

Afternoon In The Park: Shake Junt

The Shake Junt crew came to the TWS Park and got buck! Check out Sinner, Tave, Moose, Shane Heyl, Jon Dickson, Pete Eldridge, Romar, Lenoce, and more. Nowison!

Street League Arizona Finals Photos

The Glendale, Arizona stop in July of 2012’s Street League season was major—P-Rod got his first win and broke Nyjah’s hot streak. Here are the photos.

Street League 2012 Arizona Finals

Nyjah's winning streak came to a halt in Glendale, Arizona. P-Rod's flawless barrage of switch tricks accumulated too many points for Nyjah to keep up with. Paul won his first Street League ever and that nice check for 150 grand.

NYC Magic: Supra In The City Photos

Our Senior Photographer Seu Trinh was posted up in NYC for a month with the Supra team for their article, cover, and tour video. Here is a nice big gallery of bonus photos. You never know what you're going to see on the streets of the Big Apple.

Street League 2012 Kansas City Finals

Kansas City was the first stop of the 2012 Street League tour, so the anticipation was running high. Nyjah absolutely shut it down with first-try kickflip back noseblunts on the rails. Another 150K added to his bank account.

almost 5-Incher Premiere

almost premiered its latest video in June and we all headed out to Long Beach to see the mastery of Daewon, Haslam, Cooper, Lewis and more.

60 Minutes In The Park: Ryan Decenzo

We knew Ryan Decenzo was gonna go off for a 60 Minutes In The Park, but no one expected the NBDs he unleashed. As if a switch bigspin heelflip bluntslide wasn't gnarly enough, he attacked the brick hubba from the other side of the pole—no one's even attempted that before. Damn, Ryan.

Top 10 Searched Skaters of 2011

Another list! This is a hot one every year, and yes, we’ll be doing another tally for 2012—coming real soon. Who do you think will be on it?


NYC Magic: SUPRA In The City

Send Ellington, Greco, Neen, Muska, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, and the rest of the Supra squad out to NYC to stay in a loft right in the heart of the city for an entire month and you come back with straight magic. We threw the article in our February 2012 issue–yup, the one Neen scored the cover of–but here's the footy to go along with it. No throwaway, strictly bangers.

DGK Parental Advisory Premiere

Premieres are always a good time, and DGK’s was one of the best ever. Check out the night we had up in Hollywood on 12.11.12. DGK all day!


Osiris Never Gets Old Full-Length Video

We released Osiris’ new video on our site, and on Christmas Day, made it available to download. Enjoy!

2012 Skate & Create

Skate & Create is always a big part of our year. In 2012, Habitat, Dwindle, Blueprint, and Creature went for it in the streets. The results are very different, but just as impressive. Have a look and get ready for this year’s S&C with Toy Machine, Santa Cruz, Element, and Deathwish.

Afternoon In The Park: Paul Rodriguez

As he's done his whole career, Paul Rodriguez will adapt to any environment you put him in. When he came down to do his 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time interview, we asked him if we wanted to skate the park too. After an enthusiastic "Yes," Paul proceeded to tear it up with insane lines and NBDs down the rail.

10 Most Influential Tricks Of All Time

Since the dawn of urethane, key tricks have opened the doors to progression and helped evolve skateboarding from something surfers did on a flat day to the most influential pastime on the planet. From the frontside air and the ollie, to the kickflip and the slappy.

Jason Lee, influential 360 flip in 1990. Photo: Spike.

My Ride: Mike Mo Capaldi

Want to know how to do every flip trick perfect? Mo knows how, even if he doesn't know his own board dimensions. Check out Mike Mo's ride—no laces, no problem.

2012 TransWorld Skateboarding Awards Presented by New Era 

Everyone loves party photos, and our Skate Awards is the biggest party of the year! Check out the fun and faces in Hollywood from last February.

Additional gallery.


Willow’s World Full-Length Pro Part

Here's Willow's full-length debut pro video part, Willow's World. This summer, Willow stayed at home in Germany and shot his interview in our December 2012 issue and filmed this video part. Congrats on going pro Willow!

30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time

This one was #1 last year, and it rang in our ears all year long. Our 30-year video interviews we’ve been rolling out have helped keep this list in the front of your minds too.

Afternoon In The Park: DC

Nyjah Huston and Mike Mo Capaldi joined DC on January 1, 2012. They joined Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, Taylor McClung, Dan Vaughn, Marquise Henry, Davis Torgerson, and Mikey Taylor for an afternoon in the TWS Park. Get ready for pro shoes from Nyjah, Mo, and Wes Kremer coming this year!