The Come Up Tour presented by etnies kicks off this weekend in Sacramento at The Hanger skatepark. The Hanger has seen a ton of heavy skating, Brandon Biebel spent many a day honing his ledge skills on the boxes there, so you know those things are sprinkled with magic.


Next stop is Austin, Texas, home of one of the most underrated skaters of all time, Jake Nunn.


The standard of skating on the C.U.T. tour is uber high, check out Emmet Duffy's part from 2013.


Familia skateshop is hosting April 19. Steve Nesser and Familia = horse and carriage.


Last stop is May 10 at one of my favorite parks, the LES park in New York. This week also marks the 40 birthday of New York legend Harold Hunter, here's Harold's part from the 1998 Mixtape video.