Visual Traveling is proud to present you its first big project, Translations. Patrik Wallner has gone to a couple of different places around the world with some Americans, Germans, French, and Sweeds. To be exact, this video will feature parts of Daniel Hochman, Malcolm Tallgard, Max Beinhofer & Samuel Beyer, Nolan Lee, Patrick Boes and Michael Mackrodt. Also co-starring Chris Pfanner, Lem Villemin, Jeremy Reinhard, Javier Mendizabel, Billy Rohan, Scotty Moore, Alex Mizurov, Josh Zickert, Kieron Brodie, Dany Hamard, Florentin Marfaing and many more.
Patrik Wallner has been on the road filming for this video for over a year and a half, non-stop from the States,
to Europe to Asia. No big budget, no tour bus, only bowls of rice and mopeds.
This trailer is the second of the two. The first is here.
Check for more information, videos, and picture.