Heading into the city at night we can see the glow of the lights at the park. We all know S.F. has some of the best street spots around, but if you get the hunger for some trannies, not the ones on the street corner hopefully, but smooth cement and coping, you can hit up Potrero Del Sol skatepark and it’s lit until 9 p.m. But when the lights go out, they just go out. Wes was right in the middle of a switch five-0 to fakie in the corner when the place just went black. No worries because we had already got some great stuff from Raven, Tom, Wes and Tyler. Then it was back in the van with "Alspark" at the wheel as we headed late night over to a hotel in  San Jose for the Tim Brauch contest and a quick stop at the Sunnyvale park.

Videography by Joe Picciolo