Saturday May 23 saw our Come Up Tour presented by Official hit the 6th Avenue Skatepark in Nashville, Tennessee. Local styler Christian Fonseca chopped off his dreads and came straight from a shift at Starbucks to take the win. We can’t wait to see his video part on our site in July! He’ll be going up against the other CUT winners for the ultimate prize—a Check Out in the mag! Jason Salillas and Darius Kennebrew took second and third respectively. Of course the Arizona Iced Tea high ollie contest went down again, and two dudes (one of them being 6th Ave’s own Nathaniel) ollied an unprecedented seven tall cans! The Official Best Trick went down on the stairs and hubba, the product toss went wild and we called it a day.

And as always, a huge thank you goes out to our sponsors: @official_skate @drinkarizona @dcshoes @ayc @mobgrip @dakineskate @stancesocks @sikkshades @windellscamp @independenttrucks @almostskateboards @boneswheels
Music / Ranch Ghost
Video / ROSSON

Here are the Final results:

Christian_Fonseca Headshot Photo
1: Christian Fonseca, Mt Juliet TN, 92.00

Jason_Salillas Headshot Photo
2: Jason Salillas, Birmingham AL 91.80

Darius_Kennebrew Headshot Photo
3: Darius Kennebrew, Nashville TN, 91.37

Damian_Schroeder Headshot Photo
4: Damian Schroeder, Nashville TN, 91.17

Cody_Bogdal Headshot Photo
5: Cody Bogdal, Fort Lauderdale FL, 91.09

Keegan_Kim Headshot Photo
6: Keegan Kim, Nashville TN, 89.83

Terence_Williams Headshot Photo
7: Terence Williams, Tullahoma TN, 89.41

Matt_Sharer Headshot Photo
8: Matt Sharer, Nashville TN, 88.63

Joe_Bostelman Headshot Photo
9: Joe Bostelman, Hendersonville TN, 88.06

Tristan_Hane Headshot Photo
10: Tristan Hane, Nashville TN, 87.12
Branson_Howard Headshot Photo
11: Branson Howard, Nashville TN, 86.67

Rashad_Randolph Headshot Photo
12: Rashad Randolph, Nashville TN: 82.84

Qualifiers results

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