Vans European Shop Riot Live Webcast

It’s the European Vans Shop Riot finals at The Works in Leeds this weekend. Tune in for the live webcast.

Vans Shop Riot Series Finals 2013 Schedule. All times are GMT.
Saturday 12th October:
2pm Contest starts (Round 1-8; each round is 4 minutes long)
4pm Best Trick Contest

Sunday 13th October:
1pm Quarter Final
2pm Semi Final
2:35pm Final Round Starts
3:50 Best Trick Contest
4:30pm Awards

Vans Shop Riot Concept

The Vans Shop Riot is back for yet another year of fostering local team spirit. The concept remains the same: promote European Skateboarding, Independent Skate Shops & their teams through an original Series of contests across Europe.
Each country will see the top shop teams battling it out for one day on one of their best Skateparks culminating in the European Final.