Vans filmer Cody Green, returns to his local park with honorary-Ohioan Jason Dill and up and coming Buckeye, Justin Henry, for a hot and steamy homecoming demo at Lakewood Skatepark for Westside Skateshop. With temperatures well over 100-degrees we’re still not sure how the hell Tyson Peterson was able to annihilate the demo in a fleece sweatshirt without melting? Guess you just don’t break a sweat if you grew up in Florida…
Next up is The City of Brotherly Love and a demo for Exit Skateshop at Philadelphia’s Paine’s Park. More tour dates

Skaters in order of appearance: Justin Henry, Kyle Walker, Tyson Peterson, Daniel Lutheran, Jason Dill, Corey Glick, Johnny Layton

Filmed by Ryan Lovell & Cody Green
Edited by Ryan Lovell