Video Check Out: Adam Taylor

Age: 22
Home: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Expedition One, Globe, Gold Wheels, Grandeur, Bohnam

New album on repeat: Pouya or Young Thug on Soundcloud.
Next trip you want to go on: Barcelona or China.
Am who should be pro: Dane Vaughn.
Best style: Wes Kremer or Brad Cromer.
Trick you need to learn: Big spin flip.
Next contest: Tampa Am.
Words of wisdom: Honor your family, respect the G-Code.
Food spot: Sprouts

Adam has that natural smooth operator style with a real good bag of tricks. An overall solid dude with a good head on his shoulders and I guarantee people will love the effortless yet gnarly skating that Adam will be blessing us with. Get 'em A.T.—Matt Miller

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