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Age: 17
Home: Patchogue, New York
Sponsors: Waters & Army, Nike SB (flow), Supreme

New Year’s Resolution: Eat healthier and stop using Tinder.
Best video of 2013: Cut & Dry.
Movie you’d recommend: Goon.
Next skate trip: Tampa Am.
Newest music on your iPod: Charles Bradley and Katy Perry.
Favorite skatepark: Mastic skatepark.
Am who should be pro: Kelly Hart.
Video part to get you hyped: Mark Suciu, Cross Continental.

Antonio is a genuine honest dude with a positive attitude and a strong love for skateboarding. Raw East Coast power combined with talent and abstract style makes him an original.—PJ Ladd

Video and photo by JoeFace. Additional filming by Richard Quintero and Evan Walsh.