Video Check Out: Austin Lenahan

Age: 22
Home: San Marcos, California
Sponsors: Blind, Granduer Skate Shop, Filament, Bold Brew Coffee, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearins, Vibe Tribe, Stelth Headwear, Knockaround

New Year’s Resolution: Buy a new truck, get my hip problems fixed, finish college.
Newest music in your iPhone: Lately I’ve been digging into all types of rad stuff I never thought I’d be listening to.
Next skate trip: Whenever Bill Weiss wants to throw the flow bros in the van.
Video of the year: I’m a little late on the curb, but Oddity was incredible.
Recommended reading: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
Trick you need to learn: Crook nollie flips AKA the 2017 Am Shuffle.
Best style: Big Boy Foy, Cody McEntire, Brendon Villanueva.
Biggest fear: Being an adult.

Austin started coming around when he was a little shit. Ten years later, he’s still a little shit, but he’s just a bigger one. He’s got hot moves at the club, with a spatula and on the skateboard.—Jason Maxwell

Video: @turntasstai

SKB180100 CHECK 006
Frontside salad grind. Escondido, CA. Photo: Charlie Nunez

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