Video Check Out: Austin Thongvivong

Age: 18
Home: Portland, Oregon
Sponsors: Nike SB, Ashbrook Clothing, Lacorda Threads, Tactics Boardshop

Am who should be pro: Jack Olson.
Pet peeve: When someone is never fired up in a heated session.
First skate video you saw: Fully Flared.
When you're not skating you're: Relaxing at home chillin' with the family.
Best style: Morgan Smith.
Advice from your TM: Have fun skating all the time.
Road trip essentials: Water, my phone, my skateboard, and homies.
Thing you'd do if the world ended tomorrow: I would huck my self down El Toro as the world ends. That way I can say I jumped down it without killing my legs.

Austin is straight on another level, watching him is surreal. He almost never bails, every trick he pops is followed by 100-percent commitment. He's always the most hyped dude at the park. No matter how much you think you love skateboarding, Austin loves it more.—Kyle Richner

Follow Austin on IG: @austinthongvivong
Video / @goombaslayer
Photo / @g_rayphotos

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