Age: 23
Home: Toronto, Canada
Sponsors: Darkstar Skateboards, Converse CONS, Official, Altamont, Skateloft

Am who should be pro: Zack Ferguson.
Best style: Wade D.
Recommended IG follow: @thebuntlive.
Most underrated skater: Zack Ferguson.
Best warmup spot: Dunbat.
Trick you you gotta learn: Backside airs.
Last concert you attended: Ty Dolla.
Who hooked you up: Converse Canada, Official, Darkstar, Altamont, Stance, Skateloft and Kadence dist.

Ben is the coolest guy off the board and a legit terminator on one—an all around skater. Not only does he resemble Thor in appearance, but when he’s skating, he’ll be putting down hammers without even realizing it. One of those natural guys who were supposed to ride a skateboard. Keep shining brother.—Wade Desarmo

Photo / @MichaelKazimierczuk Video / @joemoss14

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