Video Check Out: Berronte Ramirez

Age: 15
Home: Paramount, California
Sponsors: Primitive Skateboards, DC, Nixon, Bones Swiss, Royal, SML Wheels, Warning Skateshop

Am who should be pro: Trent McClung.
Pet peeve: I can’t deal with all black hardware. I need to have a colored bolt on the right side of the front of my board.
First skate video you saw: Cheese and Crackers.
When you’re not skating you’re: Chillin’ with the homies.
Best style: Miles Silvas.
Advice from your TM: Quit hoppin’ sponsors when I was younger.
Road trip essentials: Hair pick.
Thing you’d do if the world ended tomorrow: Go skate.

It’s been crazy to watch Berronte go from learning how to boardslide to now dropping his first legit street part. He’s only 15 and already so focused on turning his dreams of being a pro skater into a reality. With hard work comes success and at the rate he’s going he’ll be at the top in no time. Cavi Club about to fuck the game up. But actions speak louder than words so let’s get it!—Davonte Jolly

Video / @davontejolly Photo / @blabacphoto

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