Video Check Out: Brandon Burleigh

Age: 20
Home: Mission Viejo, California
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Vans, Arkaid, Focus Boardshop

Next country you want to visit: UK.
Am who should be pro: Dylan Witkin.
Best style: John Cardiel.
Go-to video part to get you hyped: Jamie Foy or Ben Raybourn.
Warm up spot: Any tranny or a pool.
Trick you need to learn: Back overcrook.
Recommended reading: Skate mags.
Words of advice from you TM: No more tank tops.

I’ve watched Brandon grow up skating the etnies park. The kid can skate anything from big rails to gnarly tranny.—Aiden Campbell

Follow Brandon: @brandonburleigh

BrandonBurleigh_BS_5 0 copysm
Backside five-O. Lake Forest, CA. Photo: Cody Lisch

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