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Video Check Out: Brandon Nguyen
Age: 22
Home: San Jose, California
Sponsors: enjoi (flow), adidas (flow), Spitfire Wheels, Royal Trucks, Atlas, Coma

Favorite skatepark: Mayfair skatepark.
Am who should be pro: Erik Deringer.
Rookie of the year: Mark Suciu.
Video of the year: Sabotage 3.
Video part you watch before skating: Jeremy Reeves, Crime In The City.
Cities for skating: Osaka, Japan has always looked incredible.
Newest app on your phone: TED.
Recommended reading: Anything by Salinger.

You want me to put down in two sentences the pride I feel in representing my closest friend and to express how much he deserves all recognition he could ever receive—you want me to condense into two sentences what I think of someone I’ve known my entire adolescent life, someone who’s pushed my progression in skateboarding and in life everyday for the past eight years? Sorry, can’t be done.—Mark Suciu

Filmed and edited by Justin Albert. Additional filming by Miguel Valle, Carson Lee, and Justin Ching
Brandon Nguyen, bluntslide
Bluntslide. Photo: CHAMI