Age: 20
Home: Richmond, Virginia
Sponsors: WKND, Lakai, Venture Trucks, Venue Skateshop

Am who should be pro: Jordan Taylor.
Best video recently out: Josh Pall Passport x Nike SB.
Place you want to visit: London.
Best style: Cyrus Bennett.
Recommended reading: Any Vice content is usually pretty good.
Thing you'd do if the world was ending: Probably 86 myself, I don’t really know.
BBQ must have: Jell-o shots, strippers, and Pringles.
Favorite skate spot: Suntrust Ledges in Downtown Richmond.

McNeely is too talented for his own good, and he usually goes too fast at spots. Both things that most people wish were the problems they have with skating. He’s an angel, no matter how much we try to change that. I like to squeeze him and try to pop him. He nasty.—Gilbert Crockett

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Photo: @brent_odonnell