Video Check Out: Cam Sedlick

Age: 18
Home: Carlsbad, California
Sponsors: Becky Factory, HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Fact

Next country you want to visit: France.
Am who should be pro: Kader.
Best style: Sean Pablo and Donovon Piscopo.
Go-to video part to get you hyped: Dane Barker’s Lotties part.
Warm up spot: Any schoolyard.
Trick you need to learn: Kickflips.
Recommended reading: Ask Ryan Allan, he’s got a list.
Words of advice from you TM: One more.

What can I say about Cam. It’s like watching a William Eggleston photograph in motion.—Sam Salganik

Follow Cam: @camsedlick

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Backside 50-50. Escondido. CA. Photo: Ryan Allan

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