Age: 18
Home: Santa Clarita, California
Sponsors: Chocolate, Huf, Valsurf, Brixton

New Year's Resolution: Keep gettin' clips.
Newest music in your iPhone: Woman's Gotta Have It, Bobby Womack.
Next skate trip: No idea.
Video of the year: Miles Silvas, Push part was insane.
Recommended reading: Post Office, Charles Bukowski.
Trick you need to learn: Flip out of grinds.
Best style: Jerry Hsu.
Biggest fear: Getting folded on a rail.

I first met Carl in Lancaster. We showed up to this spot and he was there switch hardflipping this stair set, super chillin'. Watching him skate kind of reminded me a little bit of Miles Silvas. He's got that steez. Stoked to see more of Carl. Keep an eye out for him, he's killing It.—Trent McClung

Switch hardflip. Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: Jacob Messex

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