Video Check Out: Charlie Cassidy

Age: 26
Home: Brooklyn, New York
Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Vans, S4B, Lou Moves You

Summer plans: Get passport and travel.
Album that never gets old: Macula Dog, Self titled.
Place you gotta skate: Sixer alley.
Video you can’t wait to see: Sober from BSA.
Warm up spot: The couch.
Best thing about your hometown: Parking lot parties.
Pet peeve: Any number besides 4.
Am who should be pro: Dustin Eggeling.
Bro who should be flow: Tyler Rennard aka Soyboy

It wasn’t until Facebook circa 2005 that I saw a photo of Charlie: switch flip crook a Florida bench with a popsicle in hand. Heavy for the time. After that he dropped some YouTube parts repping Miami spots then moved up here to NYC, where he switch big heeled Fish Gap and backside 180 fakie nosegrind reverted into the bank at the Bronx Courthouse—gnarly tricks I saw on Instagram. My question is, Charlie, why the reversion to analog?—Mark Suciu

Video: Tyler Ross
Music: Matar Dolores by The Screamers

Charlie Cassidy Mac Shafersm
Backside noseblunt-slide. New York City, NY. Photo: Mac Shafer

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