Video Check Out: Christian Holt

Age: 23
Home: Riverside, CA
Sponsors: RVCA, Active Rideshop, Jessup Griptape, Talk Hardware

Summer plans: Chase the babes and stack footy with the boys.
Album that never gets old: Stay Trippy, Juicy J.
Place you gotta skate: MACBA, Barcelona.
Video you can’t wait to see: New Toy Machine video.
Warm up spot: Some good flatground.
Best thing about your home town: Hunt skatepark.
Pet peeve: Scooters. Pink camo.
Am who should be pro: Corey Glick.

I’ve known Christian since second grade. He’s one of the funniest dudes I know. His mind works like no other. You’ve got to hang with him to see for yourself. And the dude can big flip anything! So rad to see how good he’s become. Dudes the best!
—Jeremy Leabres

Filmed By: Myles Cicello, Nick Peterson
Additional Filming: Anthony Matarozza, Andrew Martin
Photo: Jesus Meza


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