Sponsors: DC Shoes, Matix, Theeve, Talent Skatepark/shop
Home: Underhill, Vermont
Age: 25

Plans for the summer: Back to Vermont for cliff jumping, hiking, boating, and hanging with the homies.
Best skate shoes of all time: DC Mikey Taylors.
City for skating: LA is pretty proper, though New York is my kind of city.
Post session beverage: Modelos or water.
Funniest movie: This Is The End or Step Brothers.
Last article of clothing you bought: Socks. You can never have too many.
New video that gets you hyped: Any of the new Bobby Worrest parts.
Words of advice: Never forget your roots.

Cody absolutely rips! Definitely an all terrain vehicle and a fun guy to skate with. He’s not new to the game, but he is new to LA. Welcome brother! This guy is a LEDGEnd.—Spencer Hamilton

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