Age: 22
Home: West Windsor, New Jersey
Sponsors: Krooked (flow), Vans (flow), Spitfire, Thunder, NJ Skateshop, Ax Throwers

Magazine interview you want to see: Anything from Nieratko.
Best 360 flip: Nate Jones, but T-Bone might have one-upped him.
Best band you've seen live: Pentagram or Bruce.
Dream tour: Vivid Entertainment.
Am who should be pro: Falcor, that dog rips, Bill Marshall, Jeeter is okay as well.
Favorite photographer: Some boss from New Zealand.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Leticia Bufoni, she goes hard in the paint.
Good advice: Sometimes you drink the bar, sometimes the bar drinks you.

Couple things I’ve learned about this human is that he likes the Jersey Shore, has a secret crush on Snookie, doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and is always down for a good time no matter what the situation is.—Peter Raffin

Video by Carson Lee, additional filming by Dan Balducci, Austin Gardner, Miguel Valle
Photo: Chami

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