Dlamini Dlamini
Durban, South Africa
DGK, adidas, Official, Spitfire, LBSkate, BL

Am Who Should Be Pro: Zion Wright.
Best Style: Mark Appleyard, Darrell Stanton.
Recommended Reading: Mind Power by John Koe.
Last Sport Played: Soccer.
Trick You Need To Learn: Backside airs.
Greatest Fear: None.
Favorite filmer: Clinton Theron.
What Skating Needs More Of: Public plazas open to skateboarding.

First time I met Dlamini Dlamini was at the very first Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa. Dlamini stood out, he did hard tricks and made it look super smooth. Keep an eye out for him, I’m sure you guys will see more of him in the near future. —Tommy Fynn

Follow Dlamini on IG: @dlamini2times

Photo / @slam_clark