Video Check Out: Drew Verdugo

Age: 24
Home: Vista, California
Sponsors: The House of Vista, Software Hardware

Am who should be pro: Nick Michel.
Best style: Colin Brophy.
Recommended IG follow: @the_skatenerd.
Most underrated skater: Q Perez.
Best warm up spot: Coffee bean.
Trick you gotta learn: Jason Williams behind the back elbow pass.
Last concert you attended: Funkadelic.
Who hooked you up: The homie Rico in Vegas got me into skating when I was 13.

Drew Verdugo is a man of mystery. He's kind of like the Dos Equis man, 'cause he doesn't always skate, but when he does, it looks real fine. I still don't know if he lives in Vegas, LA, or SD, but I do know that the guy has class and style on and off the skateboard. Much love to the Drew V. —Truman Hooker

Video / Mike Bricke, Bronson Ayub, Noah Lora, Daniel Dent, Clint Wall, Brad Salazar, Gunnar Hall

Photo / @blair.alley

Song / Man be Solo, Abduction VII