Video Check Out: Dylan Jeffers

Age: 23
Home: York, Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Terror of Planet X Skateboards, Holistic Skate Shop, éS, Bones

Am who should be pro: Mark Del Negro.
Best style: Kevin Taylor.
Video you can’t wait to see: Terror of Planet X video and One Mo’ Gin.
Recommended reading: Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management.
Fashion don’t: Too many to name.
Dream sponsor: Coca-Cola.
First skate video you saw: Girl, Yeah Right.
First pro you met: Jamie Thomas.

I didn’t know too much about Dylan, but once he got on the team for TOPX and I started seeing some of his footage, I actually saw some of myself in his skating. As months went on and I started to see more and more of his footage through social media, I realized I skated nothing like him. He destroys ledges, and I absolutely suck at them. Dylan is a super tech skater with tons of control and smooth style. His flip in and flip out skills on ledges and manuals is epic to watch. Take a second of your time from your Snapchat and Instagram and search his video part fullbatt on the inter web, you’ll thank me later!—Kerry Getz

Filmed/edit: Nick Borolla
Additional filming: John de Perrot and Jake Todd


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