Video Check Out: Erik Herrera

Age: 21
Home: Los Angeles, California
Sponsors: Huf, Valsurf, Cortina Bearings

Am who should be pro: Justin Drysen.
Best style: Ishod Wair.
Recommended IG follow: @Comeoutsidefoo___.
Last sport played: Parkour.
Trick you need to learn: Switch flips.
Biggest fear: Sharks.
Favorite filmer: Ram Pong.
What skating needs more of: Dog skaters.

I Found out about Erik about a year ago. His skating speaks for itself: Power, pop, and style—what more can you ask for? Please don’t sleep on this guy. If you don’t know about him you will very soon!—Stevie Perez

Erik was took second place at our Come Up Tour stop in LA last year, and has this banging new part that deserves a checking out.

Boardslide. Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: @rittpong filming: @rampong


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