Video Check Out: Ethan Loy
Age: 18
Home: Santa Ana, California
Sponsors: Element Skateboards and Apparel, etnies, Independent, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, ActiveGlassy Sunhaters

Magazine interview you want to see: Heath Kirchart.
Best 360 flip: Chad Tim Tim’s style or Brandon Westgate's power.
Best band you've seen live: Waka Flocka at the Observatory or GZA for $5 at the Observatory.
Dream tour: Spain, Australia, and China all in one tour.
Am who should be pro: David Loy.
Favorite photographer: Oliver Barton.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Leticia Bufoni.
Good advice: Never give up, just keep trying.—My dad.

Ethan Loy is a well mannered, hard as nails little destruction unit whose insatiable hunger to skate every spot on the planet is only matched by his appetite for learning new tricks. Skateboarding dominates Ethan's brain every second of the day, he's 100-percent certified, grade A skateboard rodentia.—Oliver Barton

Smith grind. Photo: BARTON

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