Video Check Out: Fletcher Renegar

Age: 20
Home: Chattanoga, Tennessee/Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Element (flow), Converse (flow), Bones Wheels, Gatorade, Atlanta Grip, Beer Nuts Hardware, Comfort Skateshop

New Year’s Resolution: Try not to get as many parking tickets.
Best video of 2013: Magenta, Soleil Levant.
Movie you’d recommend: Stand By Me.
Next skate trip: Back East in the spring.
Newest music on your iPod: Gucci Mane.
Favorite skatepark: Progressive Skatepark, R.I.P.
Am who should be pro: Travis Glover.
Video part to get you hyped: Anything, but I love Solomon Mosley Jr.’s part in Frick Squad.

Not only is he a strapping young southern gentleman, but Fletch has the natural talent and heart of a person beyond his years. His loud excited behavior running back up a set of steps after slamming reminds you that he’s still Li’l Fletch, though. An amazing skateboarder and true bud, here’s to you Big Fletch!--Chris Thiessen

Video by Chris Thiessen, photo by Cameron Strand