Sponsors: adidas, Brixton, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones bearings.
Home: Lynbrook, New York
Age: 16

Best new video part you've seen: Louie’s part in Flip 3.
First pro you met: Zered Bassett.
Can't live without: iPhone.
Bad habit: Constantly messing with my trucks when skating.
Next contest: Tampa Am.
Food spot: Bindi spot by me.
Last injury: Broke both my wrists about two years ago.
Album worth listening to: Joy by iceJJFish (Brian briggs).

Watch out for this new generation coming out of New York City. Their innate ability to navigate through all the madness while in pursuit of a trick will amaze all bystanders. At the ripe age of 16, Frankie Spears possesses all the qualities of a city skater. He will impress.—Karl Watson

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