Age: 20
Home: Los Angeles, California
Sponsors: Blind, Nike SB

Am who should be pro: Jack Olson.
Best style: Trent McClung.
Recommended IG follow: @mrxnigeria.
Last sport played: Soccer.
Trick you need to learn: Switch treflip lip.
Biggest fear: Heights.
Favorite filmer: Kev Perez.
What skating needs more of: More skate parks in LA.

Jahzeal has been clean and stylish since I first saw him skate four years ago. I’ve watched him progress over the years and have been constantly impressed. Nice to see him getting some shine. Pay attention to this kid, He never disappoints.—Norman Woods

Switch frontside flip. Long Beach, CA. Photo: Daniele Marziocchi

Filmed and Edited by Michael Bell (@michaelbellfilms)
Additional Filming by Dalton Palacio (@daltonpalacio) & Spencer Semien (@mrxnigeria)