Age: 23
Home: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sponsors: Zoo York, After Midnight NYC, Direct Wheel Co., CJ Skatepark

Favorite city: Malmö, Sweden.
Dream destination: Barcelona or the Maldives.
Can't live without: Family, friends, a skateboard.
Am who should be pro: Jordan Trahan.
Album on repeat: Nas, Illmatic.
First pro you met: Grant Patterson.
Christmas wish list: Future health.
Video you're looking forward to: Zoo York’s King Of New York.

Canada has a rich history of well-mannered rippers that have abnormal control on the board. Jarrod definitely keeps that tradition alive. His pop is insane, and doing this nosegrind 10 times to get the perfect photo was no issue.—Ben Oleynik

Video by RB Umali

Frontside nosegrind. Photo: CRONAN