Video Check Out: John Dilo

Age: 22
Home: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Cliché, adidas, Venture, Spitfire, Mob, Andalé, Software, FLDZ, Slappy's Garage

City for skating: San Diego.
Post session bev: H2o.
Funniest movie: Weekendtage the movie.
New video that gets you hyped: Hélas Polo Club Mixtape, and anything of the homies.
Words of advice: “You probably shouldn’t say fuck so much.”
Favorite band: Bob Dylan.
Legend from your hometown: Mikey Glover.
Best skatepark: A parking lot with something to kickflip over.

John's a super technical and is up and coming. Originally I saw his sponsor-me video that Jordan Hoffart sent me. Shortly after that he competed in the Andale Wheelie Dope contest. He's always killing it and posts amazing tricks on Insta.—Joey Brezinski

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Video / @steaktage Photo @alex_papke