Backing up JP’s Check Out from the November ’14 issue:


Age: 24
Home: Curtiba, Brazil
Sponsors: Chocolate (flow), Lakai, Thunder, Spitfire, Diamond, Grizzly, Happy Hour Shades, LBSkate Shop
First setup: Some random local Brazilian brand.
Current deck size: 8.0.
Current wheel size: 51mm.
Describe your current trucks in three words: Thunder hollow 147s.
Video you can't wait to see: Sabotage 4.
Last skate gimmick that made you laugh: Powerbalance.
Skate product that changed your life: Wax.
Trick you gotta do before you die: Stay alive.

First met JP at Cherry Park when he was fresh off the plane from Brazil. No English, Portuguese only. The brother busted his shin open on the ledge and needed medical attention. I saved him. Since then his english has gotten better as well as his skateboarding. JP is the definition of good times. Hella cool, mad jokes, and down to rip. JP rules at skateboarding and rules at life.—Rob G

Follow JP on Instagram: @jp_souza

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Video / DARNELL Photo / TRINH
Additional filming: Cory Williams, Neesh, Bryce Pagter, Mario Martin, Henner Figueiredo, Rodrigo Petersen, Kyle Steneide