Age: 20
Home: Chino, California.
Sponsors: Quasi Skateboards, HUF, Terrace Skate Supply, SML Wheels, Venture, GoodWorth & Co

Am who should be pro: Ryan Townley, Dick Rizzo, and Sammy Montano.
Best video recently out: GX1000, any Static video, Substance, Deep-Fried America.
Place you want to visit: London.
Best style: Tyler Bledsoe, Yaje Popson, Al Davis, Ben Gore, and Max Geronzi.
Recommended reading: The Goodfool.
Thing you'd do if the world was ending: Skate up with gang and spend time with my loved ones.
BBQ must have: Chicken wings with the fries.
Favorite skate spot: Downtown Fullerton parking garages, the streets is my fav.

Justin is a straight G on a board. I've been following him for some time now and everything I see is impressive to the 100th degree, from stee levels to technicalities. Make sure you stay on the look out for my mans—definition of sauce.—Dane Vaughn

Follow Justin on IG: @justindrysen

Video / @mylesbergpump

Photo / @JesusMozart