Sponsors: Baker, Nike SB, KR3W, Thunder, Bones Wheels, Shake Junt, FP Insoles, Stance, Happy HourPharmacy
Hometown: Lancaster, California
Age: 15

Best new video part you've seen: Boo Johnson Blood Money.
First pro you met: Keelan Dadd.
Can’t live with out: Candy and my mom.
Bad habit: Sacking rails.
Next contest: Damn Am Woodward.
Food spot: Mi Ranchito.
Last injury: Rolled the hell out of my ankle.
Album worth listen to: Lil Wayne Dedication 5 and Chief Keef Almighty So.

Kevin is a skate rat and a silent killer on his board. We watch the latest videos, look at magazines—all he knows is skating. Kevin is an awesome kid and is definitely gonna be a big name in skateboarding, that's a guarantee.—Theotis Beasley

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Video / BEAGLE Photo/ ADAMS