Age: 22
Home: Staten Island, New York
Sponsors: Torro! Skateboards, DC Shoes (flow), After Midnight NYC, Savage Urethane, CD SkateShop, Rockstar Bearings, Trophy Grip

Am who should be pro: Pat Rumney.
Video you can't wait to see: The TransWorld video with Zered!
Dream sponsor: Any airline company or the MTA.
Words of wisdom: Anywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Bad habit: Lottery tickets—you never know.
Next trip: Ecuador, but I want to explore Colombia and Cuba.
Thing to do before you die: Somehow become a millionaire.
Who hooked you up: My parents, Rodney Torres, Jay, Carolyn, Akira, Rob Campbell, Jeff Pang, Steve R, Adrian, Jessica Forsyth, Wade, Harley, Joe Braegan and Vanessa.

Staten Island’s finest, Leo Heinert, has been killing it for years, and I’m psyched to see his hard work grace the pages of TransWorld. Leo is on the rise, and this is only the beginning. Make way for “El Matador.”—Rodney Torres

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