Sponsors: Krooked (flow), Huf Footwear (flow), Spitfire (flow), Bones Bearings, Oakley, Diamond Supply Co.
Home: Altadena, California
Age: 20

First setup: Xgames mini board I found with Core trucks and blank wheels.
Current deck size: 8.12/8.18.
Current wheel size: 53.
Describe your current trucks in three words: Stupid front truck.
Video you can't wait to see: Any Justin Albert, Illegal Civ or Strobeck clip.
Last skate gimmick that made you laugh: Crazy Grip that isn’t on Logan Lara’s board.
Skate product that changed your life: Beast ass Bones Swiss.
Trick you gotta do before you die: Nail the NAC.

Lui's funny, motivated, and very eager—he'll try and skate every spot. He's usually in a good mood unless he's not out skating. Lui's the type of friend who will pick you up at the airport. He's a good kid.—Daryl Angel

Follow Lui on Instagram: @luielliott

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