Age: 24
Home: Los Angeles, California
Sponsors: DoomSayersClub, Nike SB, Non Factory Skateshop, Jessup Griptape, The Blackrainbow

Am who should be pro: They're all good.
Pet peeve: People telling me "No."
First skate video you saw: Either Toy Machine Jump off a Building or New Deal 7 Year Glitch.
When you’re not skating you’re: I'm out shooting strangers, on a rooftop, or in my studio working.
Best style: Chad Tim Tim, my friends.
Advice from your TM: I always tell the truth even when I lie.
Road trip essentials: Knife, socks, jacket, headphones, extra board, money.
Thing you’d do if the world ended tomorrow: Watch the world go mad, have a nice feast with all my loved ones, dog and cat included.

Mario embodies the heart of a lion, the power of a Guerrilla and the carelessness of a caveman. With all his strong features, when meeting him, one notes that he is kind and passionate at heart. He will not fall back and he stands for what he believes in. He is respectful and patient and best of all, he is creative and unpredictable with skateboarding. Can’t wait to see more.—Omar Salazar

Follow Mario on IG: @mariorealegeno

Video / @shrimpdaddy Photo / @brendan_klein

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