Video Check Out: Marse Farmer

Age: 21
Home: Lakeland, Florida
Sponsors: Vans, Girl, Spitfire, Thunder, SPoT

New Year’s Resolution: Eat healthier.
Best style: Evan Smith.
Newest music in your phone: Leonard Cohen.
Next skate trip: Tallahassee.
2019 will be the year of the: Switch tre.
Recommended IG follow: @sambellipanni.
Video part you watch before a session: Any Jon Dickson part.
Last trick filmed: Board up across and down this rail in downtown Tampa.

While he’s not a man of many words, Marse lets his skating talk for him. Simple as can be, Marse keeps himself consistent on and off the board, doing his tricks before I can even finish taking the camera out. Someone get this man out of Florida!—Tristan Mershon

Marse Boardslidesm
Boardslide, Tampa, FL. Photo: Rolo Carillo

Video: @tbmersh


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