Video Check Out: Matthew Pierre

Age: 18
Home: Lake Forest, California
Sponsors: Foundation, RVCA, Nike SB, Spitfire, Thunder, Bones Swiss, The Fort Skate Shop

Am who should be pro: Dylan Witkin.
Best style: Mateo Rael and Corey Glick.
Video you can’t wait to see: The new Toy Machine video.
Recommended reading: The Han Solo trilogy.
Fashion don’t: All the wack multi-colored camo pants.
Dream sponsor: Elysian Brewing Co.
First skate video you saw: Dying To Live.

First pro you met: Lizard King

I’ve been watching Matt skate since he was a little kid. He was always charging it and eating shit. He’s come a long way since those days. Watch out for this kid.—Aidan Campbell

Video: Jeremy Creed. Additional filming: Stone Hendrikx

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