Age: 24
Home: Sacramento, California
Sponsors: enjoi (flow), Nike SB (flow), Autobahn Wheels, PLA Skate Shop, Dockers

Favorite city: Sacramento.
Dream destination: Australia.
Can't live without: Skating.
Am who should be pro: My boy Miles Silvas.
Album on repeat: Gucci Mane, Free Gucci, Diplo remix.
First pro you met: Brandon Biebel.
Christmas wish list: Lambo/Rarri.
Video you're looking forward to: PLA video! LRG vid.

Miika reminds me of Ivan Drago from Rocky. There's a scene where he says, "I must break you." I feel that's what Miika says to spots right before he crushes them.—Jose Rojo

Filmed by Matt mullen, Massimo Legittimo, and Austin Gardner