Age: 21
Home: Portland, Oregon
Sponsors: Blood Wizard, The Portland Wheel Company, Ace Trucks, The Foundry, Paradox, Bones Bearings, Emerica

Best live show you’ve seen: The Sword.
Favourite filmer: Adam Robo, Daniel Evans, Anthony Sims, Toad, Manzoori.
Dream Tour: Whatever one is next.
Who hooked you up: Blood Wizard when I was like 14.
Am who should be pro: Frank Shaw.
Reccomended instagram follow: @goombaslayer #fadedvideo.
Most underrated skater: Nick Peterson.
Best warm up spot: Pier Park.

Anakin Senn is a wizard of a the most pure bloodline. Residing in the heavily wooded and dreary forests of Oregon, Anakin wields his axe, made of magical wood, around the streets and parks across the lands and hidden realms. He is a technical wizard that is not afraid of brute force impact. His spells are of the arcane ancient rituals not known by most mortals. Be on the look for this sorcerer of blood as there is more coming from him in the near future.—Toad

Follow Anakin on Instagram: @thenumberofthetweest

Video / ROBO Photo / RAY

Music / Mudhead by Spindrift

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