Video Check Out: Andrew Gray

Age: 22
Home: Portland, Oregon
Sponsors: The Killing Floor Skateboards, Satori Wheels, Smart Collective Skate Shop
Am who should be pro: Nate Guest.
Best video of 2015: Vase, Headcleaner, and Local Express.
Best video part of 2015: Fletcher Renegar in Headcleaner.
Favorite filmer: Jacob Harris.
Favorite photographer: Ben Colen, Garric Ray.
What skateboarding needs more of: Unboxing videos.
Plans for the summer: Travel and visit friends, hopefully Japan.
Recommended reading: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Good book even though she’s batshit crazy.

Andrew Gray is an outstanding and upright citizen of these here United States of America. He pays his taxes, will help an old lady cross the street, and skateboard anything and everything in sight—whether it be a rock in the desert or a tree in the great Northwest. Andrew has the uncanny ability to derive more hours than there are in a day, he’ll hit five spots before I’m on my second cup of coffee. Also, I am absolutely certain that he is incredibly talented at a dozen other things that I have no idea about. He’s got an ace up his sleeve and a lightbulb above his head. All-around good human, great skateboarder.—Mark Gutterman

Follow Andrew on IG: @_andrewgray_
Video / @chrisvarcadipane
Photo / @g_rayphotos

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