Bern Iseli hasn’t had a Check Out in print yet, but he deserves some shine. He’s been ripping it up in Ohio and beyond, and the filming expertise of Glen Hammerle hasn’t hurt either.

Home: Florence, Kentucky/Hollywood, California
Age: 20
Sponsors: Blacklist Boardshop , Converse, Gnarpill

Favorite city: San Fran.
Dream destination: I want to be back in Cincinnati at some point.
Can't live without: Coke-Cola and my skateboard.
Am who should be pro: Zac Coyne.
Album on repeat: Dinosaur Jr, Beyond.
First pro you met: Mike Vallely.
Who hooked you up: Dan Donovan (Heavy), Joe Hughes, and Jon Devoe.
I spend too much money on: Traffic tickets.

Filmed and edited by Glen Hammerle. Additional filming by Matt Ballard