Video Check Out: Blue Turner

Age: 20
Home: Sacramento, California
Sponsors: enjoi (flow), Nike SB (flow), Spitfire, Thunder, PLA Skateboarding, Brixton

Am who should be pro: Miles Silvas.
Best style: Kevin Terpening.
Best new video part you've seen: That new James Hardy part was really good.
First pro you met: Mike Rafter.
Can't live without: Pizza.
Bad habit: Getting in my own head too much.
Trick you want to learn: Switch flips.
Words of advice: Be yourself and have fun.

Blue Turner is one righteous dude! Our names rhyme, and that makes me like him even more. The speed of a cheetah with springs like a kangaroo, combined with the steeze of a burmese peacock--Blue is my favorite otter pop.--Louie Barletta

Ollie. Photo: CHAMI

Filmed by Matt Mullen, edited by Richard Hughes. Additional filming by Alex Kissenger and Richard Hughes.