Video Check Out: Braxton Powers

Sponsors: The Agency Boardshop, DC (flow)
Home: Riverside, California
Age: 21

Worst trend in skating: Mongo.
Favorite author: Dr. Seuss.
Road trip: Across the country.
Bad habit: Nail biting.
Words of wisdom: Keep pushin'.
Idol outside of skating: My friends.
Who hooked you up: Jimmy Astleford, Shannon Fang, and Brian Hunter.
Thing to do before you die: Travel to all 50 states and outside the country.

In a nutshell, Braxton is a nutcase. He smacks rails like they owe him money. Only thing we disagreed on was gettin' an education. Brax-twenty is my nigga.—Forrest Edwards

Filmed by Don Luong, Mark Stewart, Jimmy Astleford, Austin Gardner, and Ruben Reyes. Edited by Ruben Reyes. Photo by Blabac